S3 E907/19/17

Evelyn and Vernon
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Cynthia's mom stuns all when she considers divorcing her husband of over 60 years, prompting Cynthia to look closer at her own marriage.

S3 E707/05/17

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When Bobby finds out Joe has a secret son and Jerrod has known since childhood, he pressures Joe to come clean with Cynthia.

S3 E606/28/17

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Jerrod experiences a mass shooting at the mall. Despite the family's concern, Jerrod plays it off as no big deal. Maxine is concerned he may not be processing the event in a healthy way.

S3 E506/21/17

Cynthia's Birthday
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Jerrod takes the family to a friend's restaurant for Cynthia's birthday. But when his friend casually drops the N-word, it sparks a heated debate.

S3 E406/14/17

Lesbian Wedding
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Maxine is tired of women being judged for their looks. When the Carmichaels go to a family wedding, she decides to take action.
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