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S1 E410/16/17

Break Out
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When Patricia travels to Afghanistan, escorted by Dalton and team, to interrogate a Taliban prisoner with intel on an imminent terrorist attack, an unexpected prison breach endangers them all.

S1 E310/09/17

The Greater Good
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When Campbell learns an elusive and notorious arms dealer is in Mexico, she sends Dalton and team on a tricky mission, which reveals a traumatic episode from Hannah's past as a field operative.

S1 E210/02/17

Moscow Rules
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The team must extract a CIA agent from Ukraine who has been targeted by Russian rebels, but when the rebels escalate their efforts, Deputy Director Campbell learns just how high the stakes of the mission are, and how great the danger for her team.

S1 E109/25/17

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When an American doctor is kidnapped by terrorists, Adam Dalton and his elite Special Ops team, guided by the D.I.A. team in D.C., must go to any lengths to bring her safely home.