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S1 E1101/15/18

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With Patricia suspended and Jaz still not cleared for duty, Hannah joins Dalton and team in the field when FARC rebels hijack a passenger flight in Colombia.

S1 E1001/08/18

Desperate Measures
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In hostile territory and with one of their own in mortal danger, Dalton and team fight to survive, while back in D.C., Patricia will stop at nothing to help them, including risking her career.

S1 E911/20/17

Desperate Times
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Having learned who was responsible for bombing the team's camp in Turkey, Patricia sends Dalton and crew on a deeply dangerous and personal undercover mission to Iran to exact justice.

S1 E811/13/17

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Dalton and the team must go old school, forgoing all modern communication, during a stealth mission to retrieve a downed drone from dangerous territory on the Chinese-Mongolian border.

S1 E711/06/17

It's All Personal
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When Amir's CIA activation number gets an SOS call from a distraught woman with a tip about a potential bombing in Paris, the team sends Amir back undercover in an effort to thwart the attack.

S1 E610/30/17

The Seville Defection
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McG makes a romantic connection in Spain that draws the entire team into a dangerous game of espionage, while Noah makes his first foray into the field in order to secure critical intel.
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