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S1 E811/13/17

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Dalton and the team must go old school, forgoing all modern communication, during a stealth mission to retrieve a downed drone from dangerous territory on the Chinese-Mongolian border.

S1 E711/06/17

It's All Personal
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When Amir's CIA activation number gets an SOS call from a distraught woman with a tip about a potential bombing in Paris, the team sends Amir back undercover in an effort to thwart the attack.

S1 E610/30/17

The Seville Defection
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McG makes a romantic connection in Spain that draws the entire team into a dangerous game of espionage, while Noah makes his first foray into the field in order to secure critical intel.

S1 E510/23/17

Enhanced Protection
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While on assignment to protect an ambassador in Nigeria, Dalton and team become the only ones able to respond to a dire hostage situation. Meanwhile, Patricia receives difficult personal information.

S1 E410/16/17

Break Out
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When Patricia travels to Afghanistan, escorted by Dalton and team, to interrogate a Taliban prisoner with intel on an imminent terrorist attack, an unexpected prison breach endangers them all.

S1 E310/09/17

The Greater Good
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When Campbell learns an elusive and notorious arms dealer is in Mexico, she sends Dalton and team on a tricky mission, which reveals a traumatic episode from Hannah's past as a field operative.
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