S2 E2205/14/15

Tom Connolly
Season 2 finale! When she's targeted by the cabal, Liz relies on Red to help clear her name. David Strathairn guest stars.

S2 E2105/07/15

While chasing a Russian spy hired by the cabal to execute an act of domestic terror, Liz's search for her mother's past makes her a target.

S2 E2004/30/15

Quon Zhang
After decoding The Fulcrum, the FBI hunts an imminent national threat; Red makes good on a gruesome promise; Liz seeks clues about her past. David Strathairn guest stars.

S2 E1904/23/15

Leonard Caul
With his life hanging by a thread, Red dispatches Liz to find the one man who can unlock the power of The Fulcrum. David Strathairn guest stars.

S2 E1804/02/15

Vanessa Cruz
Liz turns to Tom for help in the search for a black widow, while Red serves her a life-or-death ultimatum regarding The Fulcrum. Lance Henriksen, Ana de la Reguera and David Strathairn guest star.

S2 E1703/26/15

The Longevity Initiative
While Liz tracks a billionaire who's trying to find the key to immortality, Tom makes a sacrifice in exchange for her safety. Lance Henriksen and Reed Birney guest star.
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