Episodes (12)


S1 E1209/10/14
Cat's quest for vengeance endangers everyone she loves while Leo's criminal past catches up to him and threatens his family.

Frenchmen Can't Jump

S1 E1109/03/14
All roads lead to the Capellas when Cat investigates the death of a heroin dealer and Leo ends up playing in a rigged basketball tournament.

The Longest Night

S1 E1008/27/14
A raging storm leaves Cat, Leo, Baker and Esposito without backup as a gang wages war on the precinct, threatening to kill each cop inside.

Double Identity

S1 E908/20/14
When a maid is gunned down in a drive-by shooting, Cat and Leo work to unravel her true identity and keep a hit man from finishing the job.

Deadline Brooklyn

S1 E808/13/14
Cat and Leo must fend off the zombie apocalypse when they learn of a chemical bomb set to detonate in Brooklyn.

Black Widow

S1 E708/06/14
To bait the woman responsible for a string of murdered male escorts, Leo must go undercover – and get undressed.
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