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S2 E703/16/18

Invitation Only
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Bryan, Christina, Kilroy and Santana must save a brilliant nuclear physicist who disappeared 29 years ago and had been presumed dead until his image surfaced in a propaganda photograph from North Korea, where he's been imprisoned for decades.

S2 E603/09/18

Charm School
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The team must find the kidnapped wife of a U.S. senator who has been plagued by rumors of Russian connections; in searching for the kidnapper, the team is led down an unexpected path.

S2 E503/02/18

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When a foreign diplomat goes missing, Bryan, Christina, Kilroy and Santana investigate the case and discover a sex-trafficking ring that must be stopped. Meanwhile, Santana is pushed to the edge when the details of the case hit close to home.

S2 E402/02/18

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When an Air Force colonel's son is kidnapped and the president's nuclear football is stolen, Bryan, Christina, Kilroy and Santana jump to action to bring them both home safely.

S2 E301/26/18

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When a powerful CEO is accused of stealing pensions from his hardworking employees, Bryan struggles with the line between justice and revenge.

S2 E201/19/18

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Bryan, Christina, Santana and Kilroy must protect a college professor who is about to testify in federal court; Bryan reminisces about a childhood event with his father and is conflicted about telling his parents that he is back in the U.S.
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