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S2 E1104/13/18

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When a bomb explodes in Little India, Bryan and Santana capture the accused bomber, and the team sets out to prove that the innocent man has been set up; meanwhile, a competing company proves to be a nefarious adversary for Christina's team.

S2 E1004/06/18

All About Eve
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When Christina accepts a mission from her competitor at Blackfalls, the team pursues thieves who stole seeds from the World Seed Vault in Norway, acting fast to prevent an attempt of biological terrorism that could spread famine.

S2 E903/30/18

Verum Nocet
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Bryan, Christina, Kilroy and Santana infiltrate the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to capture the founder of a government watchdog site before he leaks a thousand pages of classified information that will put hundreds of innocent lives at risk.

S2 E803/23/18

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When Christina goes rogue to hunt down a past lover who betrayed her, Kilroy tracks her down, and Bryan and Santana head to Russia to back her up.

S2 E703/16/18

Invitation Only
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Bryan, Christina, Kilroy and Santana must save a brilliant nuclear physicist who disappeared 29 years ago and had been presumed dead until his image surfaced in a propaganda photograph from North Korea, where he's been imprisoned for decades.

S2 E603/09/18

Charm School
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The team must find the kidnapped wife of a U.S. senator who has been plagued by rumors of Russian connections; in searching for the kidnapper, the team is led down an unexpected path.
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