Played by Michael Irby

Actor Bio

Michael Irby stars as Scott, a member of Bryan's OPCON team of elite operatives who take care of America's national security emergencies on the ground, on the upcoming NBC action thriller series "Taken."

Irby's ethnic ambiguity - he is of African-American and Mexican-American descent - has allowed him many opportunities to portray characters of all races. He is known for roles in such films as "Piñero" (2001) as the Puerto Rican, Cuban and Russian-born Reinaldo Povod; "Flightplan" (2005) as Muslim-born Obaid; and "Fast Five" (2011) as Brazilian-born Zizi. He is best known for his portrayal of Charles Grey in "The Unit" (2006-09). Other television credits include "True Detective," "Almost Human," "Line of Fire" and "Haunted."

Irby produced the short film "Waiting for You," written and directed by Susan Matus. The film was an official selection of the Cannes Short Film Corner, IFFWC Berlin, Dances With Films, California Women's Film Festival and the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival.

Irby currently resides in Los Angeles with his spouse, Susan Matus, and son. His passions are cooking, guitar, camping, fishing, soccer, boxing and making the world a better place.