Played by James Landry Hébert

Actor Bio

James Landry Hébert plays Rem on NBC's new drama series "Taken." Rem is a field op with a past in the crime world. He's something of an orphan and dedicates himself more to the team than the overall mission.

Adopted by Native Americans, Hébert was the only non-native allowed to attend the tribal school on the reservation where he was raised. Returning to his beleaguered home state of Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, Hébert discovered a growing Hollywood boomtown that he was only too eager to take part in. His first feature lead, "Two Step," premiered at SXSW with glowing reviews, most notably for his work.

After cutting his teeth as talent agent Mitch Racine in Warner Bros.' "Gangster Squad" opposite Sean Penn, he was also cast in "Texas Killing Fields" opposite Sam Worthington and Chloë Grace Moretz, the TNT series "Mob City," and the 2016 Sundance Film Festival entry "Carnage Park." As the nicest bad guy you'll ever meet, Hébert has worked with some of the most respected actors, directors and playwrights of our generation, including Robert Duval, J.J. Abrams and Martin McDonagh.

Currently, Hébert can be seen in HBO's critically acclaimed series "Westworld."