S3 E2004/19/18

Gender Reveal
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Dina freaks out after a 4D ultrasound makes her pregnancy feel all too real; the team throws Glenn and Jerusha a gender reveal party in the store; and Amy makes a surprising discovery.

S3 E1904/12/18

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Jonah encourages Amy to take the initiative - and a field trip - to ask for a raise; Dina tricks Garrett into being an enthusiastic worker; Mateo and Cheyenne team up to play the lottery.

S3 E1804/05/18

Local Vendors Day
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Glenn puts pressure on everyone to purchase his wife's needlepoint crafts during Cloud 9's local vendors sale; Garrett flirts with a craft beer vendor; and Amy exaggerates her Spanish language skills.

S3 E1703/29/18

District Manager
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When the new district manager visits the store, Dina attempts to hide her pregnancy, Mateo worries about his stats and Amy says too much.

S3 E1603/22/18

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Jonah finds something wrong with every apartment he and Kelly consider moving into; Dina convinces Amy to join her on a double date; and Jeff starts a poaching war with Glenn after getting a new job at Target.

S3 E1503/15/18

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Glenn and Dina discover their employees' dark sides when they offer amnesty for anyone who confesses their misconduct; meanwhile, the staff teases Amy and Jonah mercilessly about their kiss, and Mateo attempts to contact Jeff.
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