S3 E2205/03/18

Town Hall
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Glenn gets stage fright when he realizes his speech for Cloud 9's town hall will be broadcast live in stores around the world, and Amy and Jonah set out to discover the truth about a recent employee firing after Laurie makes a suspicious comment.

S3 E2104/26/18

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Everyone wants to talk about Amy's news except for Jonah, who doesn't want to talk to Amy at all, and Dina and Glenn shoot a video about the store's tornado recovery in an effort to woo Cloud 9's CEO into hosting his next town hall at their store.

S3 E2004/19/18

Gender Reveal
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Dina freaks out after a 4D ultrasound makes her pregnancy feel all too real; the team throws Glenn and Jerusha a gender reveal party in the store; and Amy makes a surprising discovery.

S3 E1904/12/18

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Jonah encourages Amy to take the initiative - and a field trip - to ask for a raise; Dina tricks Garrett into being an enthusiastic worker; Mateo and Cheyenne team up to play the lottery.

S3 E1804/05/18

Local Vendors Day
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Glenn puts pressure on everyone to purchase his wife's needlepoint crafts during Cloud 9's local vendors sale; Garrett flirts with a craft beer vendor; and Amy exaggerates her Spanish language skills.

S3 E1703/29/18

District Manager
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When the new district manager visits the store, Dina attempts to hide her pregnancy, Mateo worries about his stats and Amy says too much.
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