Episodes (14)

S1 E111/17/14

Series Premiere
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On the anniversary of her fiance's death, top presidential briefer Charleston Tucker is forced to choose between quick revenge and the long game.

S1 E211/24/14

Secrets and Lies
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Charlie races to prevent top U.S. secrets from falling into Russia's hands while President Payton appoints a new director of the CIA. Nestor Carbonell and Courtney B. Vance guest star.

S1 E312/01/14

Half the Sky
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When Boko Haram kidnaps 21 Nigerian girls, President Payton tasks Charlie with an impossible rescue mission. Nestor Carbonell, Courtney B. Vance and James Remar guest star.

S1 E412/08/14

Bang, Bang
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A political rival causes President Payton to question Charlie, who's racing to contain a smallpox outbreak in Panama.

S1 E512/15/14

Ar Rissalah
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With Nick MIA and the president suspicious, Charlie scrambles to contain the re-emergence of Fatah and Sheik Hakam.

S1 E612/22/14

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When a diplomatic trip to Qatar with the president goes sideways, Charlie resolves to find her truth once and for all.
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