Saved by the Bell


S5 E109/12/92

The Fight
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It's the first day of the gang's senior year; things go well until Zack and Slater fall for the same girl and their "friendly" competition escalates to an all-out fight.

S5 E209/12/92

Student-Teacher Week
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For a class project, the kids and the teachers switch places, and Kelly becomes the history teacher and Zack becomes principal; things get complicated when Kelly's class fails a test Zack is forced to make a decision about how to punish them.

S5 E309/19/92

Screech's Spaghetti Sauce
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When the gang produces a cable access show, Screech's cooking segment is a hit, so the gang decides to sell his famous spaghetti sauce; as a result of Screech's success, he lands a girlfriend. Soleil Moon Frye guest stars.

S5 E409/19/92

The New Girl
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A new student named Tori arrives at Bayside, and she and Zack are at odds from the get-go - until she falls for him.

S5 E509/26/92

The Bayside Triangle
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Zack and the gang help Lisa put on a fashion show for a college recruiter, but when Zack and Lisa fall for each other, Screech strikes back.

S5 E609/26/92

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When the gang creates a teen hotline to help teenagers with their problems, Zack connects with a girl with a disability. Jennifer Blanc guest stars.
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