Saved by the Bell


S4 E109/14/91

The Last Dance
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Zack and Kelly plan to go to the upcoming costume ball as Romeo and Juliet, but when Kelly gets a job at The Max, her attractive boss comes between her and Zack. Patrick Muldoon guest stars.

S4 E209/14/91

Zack's Birthday
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When the gang lands jobs at the Malibu Sands Beach Club, Zack has trouble with the tough-minded new owner and his abrasive daughter, Stacey; meanwhile, the gang tries to hold a surprise birthday party for Zack. Leah Remini guest stars.

S4 E309/21/91

The Aftermath
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When Zack copes with his breakup by trying to make Kelly feel bad, the gang gets caught in the middle; meanwhile, Lisa plans her Sweet 16 party. Patrick Muldoon guest stars.

S4 E409/21/91

The Game
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Zack and the gang must beat the rival beach club in volleyball, but when their star player is injured, the gang must find another qualified sixth player. Leah Remini guest stars.

S4 E509/28/91

Operation Zack
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Right before a big basketball game, Mr. Belding runs into Zack, who falls and hurts his knee, and Zack is scared when he learns he must have surgery to repair the torn cartilage.

S4 E609/28/91

Fourth of July
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When Malibu Sands holds its annual 4th of July beauty pageant, Zack is a judge and must choose between Kelly and Stacey; things get complicated when the boss, Stacey's dad, threatens Zack so he'll vote for Stacey. Leah Remini guest stars.
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