Saved by the Bell


S2 E108/20/89

Dancing to the Max
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When a national dance contest is held at the Max, Zack and Slater both want to go with Kelly; meanwhile, Jessie feels self-conscious about her height, and Lisa's dance partner sprains an ankle. Casey Kasem guest stars.

S2 E208/28/89

The Lisa Card
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Lisa's dad lets her use his credit card as a reward for good grades, but when she goes overboard and charges way too much, she must find a way to earn money to make the payment.

S2 E309/08/89

The Gift
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When Screech gets struck by lightning and is temporarily able to foretell the future, Zack plans to use him to predict the history midterm questions, but Screech's new powers wear off before the test.

S2 E409/09/89

Fatal Distraction
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In an attempt to find out whether Kelly wants to take Zack or Slater to a dance, Zack bugs the girls' sleepover to figure out which way her heart leans, but he discovers secrets about the girls he never imagined.

S2 E509/16/89

Screech's Woman
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When Zack can't find anyone willing to date Screech, Zack dresses up as a girl and poses as Bambi, a girl with a crush on Screech, but things go awry when Screech really falls for Bambi.

S2 E609/23/89

Aloha Slater
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When Slater must choose between moving to Hawaii with his dad or staying at Bayside, Zack schemes to get Slater to make the move so Zack can have Kelly all to himself, but the scheme backfires when Slater catches on to his antics.
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