Saved by the Bell


S1 E111/30/88

Summer Love
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When eighth-grader Zack runs into a ninth-grader he met during the summer and lied to about his age, he tries to keep up the charade. Carla Gugino guest stars.

S1 E212/07/88

Love Letters
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Complications of the romantic kind ensue when Miss Bliss inadvertently intercepts a love note that she thinks is meant for her, but it is really intended for Lisa.

S1 E312/14/88

Wall Street
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After breaking his father's video camera, Zack hopes he can make enough money on the stock market to pay for the damage.

S1 E412/21/88

Leaping to Conclusions
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When Nikki refuses to dissect a frog in biology, she recruits Zack, Lisa, Mikey and Screech to help her release the frogs.

S1 E512/28/88

Parents and Teachers
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Zack won't admit it, but he's disturbed by the chemistry between his divorced father and Miss Bliss, his teacher. Robert Pine guest stars.

S1 E601/04/89

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Zack and the gang encourage Screech to stand up to a bully, unaware of the reason behind the boy's tough exterior. Andras Jones guest stars.
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