S6 E109/12/98

Maria’s Revenge
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Maria gives new student Tony Dillon a hard time because of something he did in the past. Eric, Katie and Nicky believe Liz is heartbroken after Ryan leaves Bayside. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar guest stars. Also starring Dustin Diamond and Dennis Haskins.

S6 E209/19/98

Do the Write Thing
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Desperate to find a good story for the school newspaper, Katie (Lindsey McKeon) writes an unfair article about the football team, and Mr. Belding (Dennis Haskins) intervenes. Screech (Dustin Diamond) brings a tiger to school.

S6 E309/26/98

The Lyin’ King
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When Nicky's (Ben Gould) cousin Chloe comes to visit from New York, she starts dating Eric (Anthony Harrell), which upsets Nicky, who worries he and Eric will never talk again. Also starring Dustin Diamond and Dennis Haskins.

S6 E410/03/98

Young and the Sleepless
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Eric (Anthony Harrell) becomes moody when he stops getting enough sleep. The rest of the gang sets Tony (Tom Wade Huntington) up on a blind date. Mr. Belding (Dennis Haskins) is plagued by an old bully. Also starring Dustin Diamond.

S6 E510/10/98

Cigar Wars
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Tony (Tom Wade Huntington) convinces the gang to start smoking cigars, but Tony's smoking gets him suspended and ineligible to play on the football team. Mr. Belding (Dennis Haskins) takes a drama class with the students. Also starring Dustin Diamond…

S6 E610/17/98

Win, Lose or Cheat
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Maria, Tony, Katie and Nicky compete on a game show in which the couple that knows the most about each other will win a car. Meanwhile, Screech (Dustin Diamond) and Mr. Belding (Dennis Haskins) purchase a motorcycle, but Screech later loses it.
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