S5 E109/13/97

Suddenly Ryan
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Ryan (Richard Lee Jackson) has to deal with Rachel staying in Boston and later breaking up with him. Liz is bothered by Maria and Katie (Lindsey McKeon) constantly comparing her to Rachel. Screech (Dustin Diamond) tries to make money to buy the Max.

S5 E209/13/97

Desperately Seeking Work
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Everyone except Ryan has found a job for the upcoming school year. He finally gets a job at the computer store, but Nicky fires him. The Max is revamped and open for business. Katie lies on her resume. Olympic gymnast Shannon Miller guest stars.

S5 E309/20/97

Football and Physics
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When Coach Wagner suggests Eric drop physics in order to keep up his grades for football, Eric thinks the suggestion is racially motivated. Screech (Dustin Diamond) demands his own office from Mr. Belding (Dennis Haskins). Michael Dempsey guest stars…

S5 E409/20/97

It's Not About Winning
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The Bayside girls swim team is undefeated thanks to nationally-ranked team captain Liz and new recruit Katie, but the boys team featuring Nicky and team captain Ryan is sinking fast. Brook Kerr and Olympic gold medalist Janet Evans guest star.

S5 E509/27/97

Highs and Lows
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Maria (Samantha Becker) starts smoking marijuana, causing her and Nicky (Ben Gould) to look at the end of their relationship. Screech (Dustin Diamond) fears for his job as Eric (Anthony Harrell) fills in for him while he's sick.

S5 E609/27/97

Letting Go
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Katie (Lindsey McKeon) and Eric begin taking all-natural herbal stimulants to help them keep up with the long hours they've been working. Meanwhile, Maria becomes jealous when Nicky starts dating Courtney, but she takes her jealousy too far.
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