S3 E109/09/95

Welcome to Bayside
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New transfer students Ryan (Richard Lee Jackson), R.J. (Salim Grant) and Maria (Samantha Becker) arrive at Bayside, and the old gang is at odds with them. Mr. Belding (Dennis Haskins) asks Screech (Dustin Diamond) to hide his cookies while he's on a …

S3 E209/09/95

The Love Bug
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Tommy D (Jonathan Angel) and Ryan (Richard Lee Jackson) bug Lindsay's slumber party using a $1,000 communication set to find out which one of them she likes the best, but Screech (Dustin Diamond) breaks the set and Lindsay discovers the microphone.

S3 E309/16/95

Driving School
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Screech (Dustin Diamond) is assigned to teach drivers ed for the school. When Maria (Samantha Becker) fails the class, she convinces Screech to pass her so she can get a car for her 16th birthday. Ryan, R.J. and Rachel scam money to buy their own car…

S3 E409/16/95

What’s the Problem
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Rachel (Sarah Lancaster) reluctantly agrees to tutor Bayside's football star in history and soon discovers that he is suffering from dyslexia. Lindsay (Natalia Cigliuti) and Maria (Samantha Becker) compete all-out for homecoming queen.

S3 E509/30/95

Air Screech
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During a weekend at the mall, Ryan (Richard Lee Jackson) schemes to win Lindsay's (Natalia Cigliuti) affections by teaming up with R.J. (Salim Grant) in a get-rich-quick scheme to sell students custom-made "Air Screech" athletic shoes.

S3 E609/30/95

Big Screech on Campus
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During a week-long study program at California University, Ryan reacquaints Screech (Dustin Diamond) with his old fraternity buddies, who are more interested in the girls than him. Rachel (Sarah Lancaster) and Maria are wooed by the same guy.
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