S3 E1009/16/17

Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens joins Bear Grylls on an adventure in the High Sierra.

S3 E905/25/17

RND with Julia Roberts
In honor of Red Nose Day, Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts accompanies Bear on a two-day wilderness trek to deliver lifesaving vaccines to a remote Kenyan village.

S3 E805/22/17

Sterling K. Brown
This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown steps outside his comfort zone to join Bear on a trek through the icy mountains of Colorado.

S3 E709/12/16

Marshawn Lynch
Super Bowl champion Marshawn Lynch puts his survival skills to the test on a two-day adventure with Bear in Corsica.

S3 E609/07/16

Mel B
America's Got Talent judge and pop icon Mel B roughs it with Bear on the shark-infested waters of the Irish coast.

S3 E509/05/16

Lindsey Vonn
Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn joins Bear on a harrowing journey along the Corsican coastline.
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