Episodes (10)

S1 E1008/08/18

Point of Origin
Mara seeks closure by going into Reverie to visit the man who killed her sister and niece; Oliver Hill abducts Alexis and holds her hostage in Reverie while he takes steps to destroy the program, and Mara must go in and save her.

S1 E908/01/18

The Key
Mara's quest to cure her derealization hallucinations leads her into the Reverie of Oliver Hill and back to the traumatic memory of her sister and niece's death; Alexis also goes into Oliver's Reverie and is disturbed by what she sees there.

S1 E807/25/18

When a patient at an assisted living facility goes into Reverie to relive her past, Mara must bring her out before the woman's health deteriorates; Mara and Chris rekindle their romance; and Alexis meets with Oliver to discuss Mara's injury in Reveri…

S1 E707/18/18

The Black Mandala
When the team discovers that the military is using Reverie to interrogate suspects, Mara must rescue a young Syrian refugee who was brought into the program against his will to be interrogated about a terror attack on an Air Force base.

S1 E607/11/18

Pas de Deux
Mara's past is stirred up when her estranged ex-boyfriend comes back into her life seeking help for his psychiatric patient, a former ballerina with paraplegia who is risking her life in the real world to stay in Reverie.

S1 E506/27/18

Altum Somnum
After a bombing that leaves 63 dead, Mara must use Reverie to enter the mind of a victim who is in a coma to identify the bomber and prevent future terror attacks, but the team is unsure what will happen if Mara is in Reverie when the victim dies.
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