S2 E109/15/85

The K.o. Kid
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When Punky (Soleil Moon Frye) is targeted by a school bully, she turns to middleweight boxing champion Marvelous Marvin Hagler for instruction on how to defend herself.

S2 E209/22/85

Punky's Treehouse
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Punky (Soleil Moon Frye) has a dream that inspires her to build a treehouse behind the apartment building, but she has difficulty getting her friends to help her build it.

S2 E310/20/85

Perils Of Punky
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Punky (Soleil Moon Frye) and her friends are trapped in the cave and must find and fight the cave's evil spirit. Along the way, they survive mysterious and frightening obstacles, and Punky receives help from the spirit of Princess Moon.

S2 E411/10/85

The Search
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Punky (Soleil Moon Frye) learns her teacher Mike Fulton (T.K. Carter) was also abandoned by his mother, so the two unite in a dramatic hunt for their long-lost mothers. Peyton B. Rutledge, the real-life Punky Brewster, guest stars.

S2 E511/17/85

Love Thy Neighbor
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When Punky (Soleil Moon Frye) tries to play a Halloween trick on her cantankerous neighbor Mrs. Peevy, who the kids believe is a witch, the old woman grabs Punky, leading to a confrontation that ultimately teaches them both a lesson. Fran Ryan guest …

S2 E611/24/85

The Gift
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When some students mock the school janitor, Linda, for being mentally handicapped, Punky (Soleil Moon Frye) befriends her and discovers Linda has an extraordinary talent.
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