Episodes (10)

S1 E1006/17/17

Win, Luthor, Draw
Emily's condo is destroyed when aliens from the future attack Charm City.

S1 E904/20/17

Emergency Punch-Up
The team is forced to bond when a deadly gas has them in lockdown at the office.

S1 E804/13/17

Green Furious
Emily befriends Green Fury and uses her to gain favor from the corporate bigwigs at Wayne Enterprises.

S1 E704/06/17

Van v Emily: Dawn of Justice
Teddy falls in love with a superhero; Emily wants an office, but it may mean hell for the rest of the team.

S1 E603/30/17

I'ma Friend You
Emily can't help herself from helping a friend in need, even when they don't want it.

S1 E503/09/17

Cold Season
Emily forces Teddy to enter the Wayne Innovation Contest; Van takes advantage of Ron.
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