S6 E109/25/14
Amber gets big news, Adam and Kristina rush to open their school, and Zeek's birthday trip to Las Vegas goes awry.
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Happy Birthday, Zeek

S6 E210/02/14
Amidst deep concern for Zeek's health, sparks fly when the Bravermans come together to celebrate the patriarch's 72nd birthday.
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The Waiting Room

S6 E310/09/14
While the family sits vigil through Zeek's surgery, Amber decides it's time to give Ryan her big news. Betsy Brandt and Matt Lauria guest star.
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A Potpourri of Freaks

S6 E410/16/14
Crosby chases down Oliver; a new student throws Max for a loop. Ray Romano, Betsy Brandt and Tyson Ritter guest star.
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Too Big to Fail

S6 E610/30/14
Three months later, financial pressure impacts Amber and The Luncheonette.
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