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Were These WWE Superstars Able To Use Brain Over Brawn on The Weakest Link?

The Miz and The New Day almost came to blows while guest starring on The Weakest Link.

By Tyler McCarthy

WWE Superstars are used to battling each other in a contest of physical strength in the ring, but what happens when they have to use their brains in a competition? Well, the WWE Universe found out in the latest episode of NBC’s The Weakest Link when some of the top names in WWE competed for charity. 

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We all know who we’d personally pick if we had to pit Superstars in a fight against one another, but when it came to a trivia contest, fans had to choose between The Miz, Becky Lynch, Bianca Belair, Seth Rollins, Alexa Bliss and The New Days’ Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods. As everyone would expect, the game was highly competitive and there were a lot of hard feelings among the losers. Despite playing for charity, factions still emerged as votes leaned less on gameplay and more on WWE rivalries and partnerships. 

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For those who didn’t see the episode yet or simply want to relive the action, we’ve compiled the best moments from the episode here for all to see. 

The Miz Goes Ballistic

As mentioned, it didn’t take long for people’s perception of each other in the WWE ring to color their voting decisions on The Weakest Link. As a result, after the first round, many of the Superstars made it clear they wanted to give The Miz the boot. Not only is it satisfying for them to see the self-proclaimed A-Lister humbled, but he missed a pretty obvious question about what reptile famously changes its colors (It’s not an iguana, Miz). 

As he is wont to do, The Miz got heated defending his performance and reputation as “the biggest star” on the panel. Eventually, he got so enraged by The New Day that he hulked out and ripped host Jane Lynch’s podium up before snapping it in half. She didn’t appreciate that and used her most stern voice to send everyone back to their stations where The Miz was promptly voted off. 

Bianca Belair Agrees She Should Go

It’s hard not to argue that The Miz’s absence helped the team. They banked a significantly larger chunk of money in the next round (although still a pretty low total overall). When it was all said and done, everyone decided to vote out the “EST” Superstar in WWE because she failed to bank their total with just seconds left on the clock. 

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When she realized what she’d done and that her fellow Superstars had a point, Bianca had a very self-aware moment and agreed that her flub was bad enough for her to go home, which got a big laugh from the crowd. Although she appeared gracious in defeat, she made it clear she was planning to hold a grudge. 

“As far as I’m concerned, they’re all villains,” she said backstage. “I’ll have my revenge in the ring.” 

The New Day Boots The Strongest Links

Throughout the game, married couple Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins were far and away the strongest. In fact, The Man herself only missed one question out of all the ones she was asked, dominating almost every round as the statistical Strongest Link. 

However, when Alexa Bliss went home after the third round, the three members of The New Day stayed strong and voted with each other rather than with the scoreboard. That first sent Rollins home, much to his disappointment. He even called the trio "cowards" on his way out. 

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This must have shaken Lynch, who finally missed her first question in the next round. It was enough to make her only the second strongest link that round, which let The New Day justify voting her off as well. She too called the guys "cowards" as she stormed off and tried to steal the prize belt on her way out (Jane Lynch got it back, though). 

In the end, Big E was sent packing next putting Kofi and Xavier (both of whom had been the weakest link at other points in the game) head-to-head for the win with $66,500 on the line for their charity, Connor’s Cure. With a one-question lead, Xavier took home the big win leaving his New Day partners in second and third place respectively. 

Not bad for a handful of WWE Superstars... but not great.

Catch the episode as well as the fallout from their game of The Weakest Link and all things WWE on Peacock now. And get ready for SummerSlam 2023, airing on Peacock August 5.

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