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What We Know About the Mysterious Silas on La Brea

A lot of question marks surround the old man.

By McKenzie Jean-Philippe
Jack Martin’s Epic Season 1 Recap | NBC’s La Brea

Following La Brea's Season 1 finale, one of the biggest mysteries of the sci-fi drama revolved around one puzzling old man: Silas.

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The character was the source of a lot of drama (and even more questions) throughout the season, leaving many fans to wonder if he was an enemy—or fighting for something bigger than we could imagine. Ahead of Season 2's premiere on September 27 on NBC, we recap everything we know about him.

Who is Silas on La Brea?

The answer to who Silas actually is is ever-evolving. The mysterious old man likes to keep details about himself close to his chest, but we do have a few answers about his identity. It turned out that he's Isiah's (a.k.a young Gavin's) grandfather and the two arrived in 10,000 B.C. a few years prior without Isiah's parents, who they say died when the boy was a baby.

They'd been living amongst the Tongva ever since, until the Sky People arrived via the La Brea sinkhole. We later learn from Aldridge that she and Silas are former colleagues and leading scientists related to the sinkhole's creation. Aldridge even stole Silas' map of sinkholes across California to give to Lilly (a.k.a young Ella).

What happened to Silas in the La Brea Season 1 finale?

By the first season's finale, Silas was willing to do anything to prevent Isiah from going through the portal to 1988. He was even ready to sacrifice his great-grandchildren, Josh and Izzy. And in the fight for Isiah, his men fatally injured Marybeth. But in the end it was all for nothing, as he was forced to watch as Isiah ended up going through the portal in Topanga.

What's in store for Silas in Season 2?

The good news for us is that the series creator and co-showrunner, David Appelbaum, revealed to TV Line that many of the questions marks surrounding Silas will be reveal in Season 2.

La Brea Silas

"One of the things this show does well is we give the audience answers—we’ve been doing that all season," he said last November following the finale. "But there’s only so far we want to push that, and we do want to leave things in question and open to be answered in Season 2. But yes, we’re going to learn more about what his connection to Gavin and to Aldridge is. He’ll be an important part of the story moving ahead."

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