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Why Gwen Was "Messed Up" After Brandon Montel & Kara Tenae's "Best of the Season" Battle

Brandon Montel and Kara Tenae give killer performance of Brandy's "Have You Ever?" on season 24 of The Voice. 

By Cassidy Ward

Before the show switched gears into the Knockout round, Brandon Montel and Kara Tenae took the stage for the last Battle of The Voice Season 24. Team Coach Gwen Stefani paired them together because they perform in similar styles, a mix of R&B and Soul, and gave them “Have You Ever” by Brandy to perform.

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Brandy is an alum of The Voice herself, having been selected by John Legend to serve as a Mentor during Season 20. The song is a powerhouse ballad about love and longing with lyrics beautifully engineered to be almost universal. The lyrics can just as easily be about a lost family member or friend as they could be about a romantic partner. That, coupled with beautiful melodies and intense vocal runs, gives the song staying power and commands emotion even 25 years after its initial release.

Brandon Montel and Kara Tenae perform “Have You Ever?” by Brandy on The Voice Season 24 Battles

Kara Tenae performs on the voice season 24 episode 13

Brandon and Kara’s performance earned them a standing ovation from the Coaches and an impromptu response from Gwen saying, “I’m so messed up right now.” John Legend was the first to give feedback, noting Brandon’s ability to strike high, stirring notes. “I was looking at Kara, expecting it was coming out of her… your higher register is so beautiful,” John said. “Kara, you were just powerful and brilliant, it was really just a strong performance. I have a hard time deciding. I’m not going to tell you who to pick, I’m sorry.”

Niall Horan offered some calming techniques saying “Big, deep breaths, Gwen.” And Gwen responded, “you guys messed my head up,” reinforcing her earlier sentiment. Presumably sensing her discomfort, Niall continued. “The technical stuff that was going on there was crazy. It was the definition of a battle, like watching a tennis match. I’m feeling so bad for Gwen right now.”

In what was certainly a stalling tactic, Gwen launched into her own feedback for both Brandon and Kara. “You’re both so talented. Brandon, I think your strengths are just your actual voice. It’s so pretty, yet so skilled… Kara, there was not one out of tune note. You were really tasteful with your runs, you were captivating. I need prayers.”

Pressed for an answer, Gwen takes the leap and declares… she still can’t decide and the show cuts to commercials before she comes to a choice. Yet, even the hardest decisions must be made and Gwen finally lands on Kara as the winner.

Despite having lost the Battle, this won’t be the last we hear of the unique tones of Jordan Montel. While walking off stage, ostensibly for the last time, John used his final Steal to scoop up Jordan, adding him to Team Legend.

You can see Kara, Brandon, and the rest of the remaining contestants in the Knockouts on The Voice, Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC and next day on Peacock.