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Watch Boston Rob Explain Reality Show Strategy on Deal or No Deal Island

“They’re not smart enough to understand this,” the Survivor veteran says of his fellow Deal or No Deal Island contestants. 

By James Grebey

The big question on the original Deal or No Deal was which briefcase to pick. On Deal or No Deal Island, there’s another major question: Who do you trust? 

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In a clip from an upcoming episode of the NBC competition show, Boston Rob and Stephanie Mitchell talk strategy as the two attempt to narrow down the field by deciding who is the biggest threat. Only one contestant will make it to the end of the series for a chance to play for the biggest prize in Deal or No Deal history. For now, though, Boston Rob and Stephanie are seemingly allies, although the Survivor veteran can’t seem to get Stephanie to see things his way. 

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“Stephanie is smart but she’s a very basic player,” Boston Rob says in a talking head. He’s trying to convince Stephanie that the biggest threat is not Alyssa Klinzing but instead a couple of players who are flying under the radar.  

“I’m gonna give you a Strategy 101,” the Survivor winner says. “Instead of focusing on the big target, you wanna know who the most dangerous person here is. Ask yourself, who can go to the excursion today, and no matter what happens, they don’t really have much to worry about.”

His picks? Dawson Addis and Jordan Fowler.

“Nobody ever thinks about getting them off,” Boston Rob explained. “They’re just gonna slide in.”

Joe Manganiello watches Alyssa Klinzing reach into a bucket in Deal or No Deal Island Episode 107.

However, Stephanie is hesitant to let go of her beef with Alyssa, and the influencer definitely clocked that she was being talked about as she looked down on Stephanie and Boston Rob on the beach. (“I’ve heard enough. It is what it is.”)

In the clip, Boston Rob tries to make a good case that Stephanie should set aside her personal feelings about Alyssa, but she isn't having it. 

“They’re not smart enough to understand this,” he laments in a talking head. “The people that are able to separate their emotions from their strategy, will often get the better result. But, at the same time, when they’re at each other? That means they’re not coming at me.”

Are Boston Rob’s instincts right or is Stephanie right to be worried about Alyssa? Find out on a new episode of Deal or No Deal Island.

New episodes of Deal or No Deal Island air on Mondays at 10 p.m. on NBC, and will be available to stream the next day on Peacock.

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