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Get a Walkthrough of Peacock's Immersive The Traitors Experience

Traitors and Faithful, see how you'd fare in the actual game at The Traitors Experience in Los Angeles.

By Tara Bennett
The Traitors Experience

Returning bigger and better, Peacock presents the all-new The Traitors Experience happening for a limited time in Los Angeles. It's an immersive, competitive gameplay experience plucked right from the games featured in Season 1 and Season 2 of Peacock's hit competition reality series The Traitors. Now average fans can get a taste of what it's like to be selected as either a Faithful or a Traitor, and then compete through five curated challenges to unmask the Traitor in your group. 

Based on the Emmy-winning series devilishly hosted by Alan Cumming and his rescue pup, Lala, The Traitors places 21 larger-than-life personalities together in a remote Scottish castle to compete in a series of challenges to earn a cash prize of up to $250,000.

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The catch? Three contestants (dubbed "the Traitors") will devise a plan to steal the prize from the other contestants ("the Faithful") without revealing who's stabbing them in the back.

The Traitors Experience exterior

NBC Insider has all the information you need to be part of the fun before it disappears into the proverbial Scottish mist come Sunday night. 

How to get tickets for The Traitors Experience

The Traitors Experience exterior

If you're near SoCal, The Traitors Experience is taking place in a mansion near Mid City. Open times to book and ticket reservations are available HERE. The last available dates for the experience are: Friday, January 19: 5-9pm, Saturday, January 20: 12-9pm and Sunday, January 21: 12-9pm. Tickets are $25 per person and required to attend the experience. Don't let Alan be disappointed in you, book your tickets today.

What should I wear to The Traitors Experience?

Parvati Shallow and Mae Martin are seen at The Traitors Experience on January 11, 2024

Look gorgeous, as Alan would require. Casual with flare is welcome. Make sure you wear comfortable, close-toed shoes as there will be indoor and outdoor physical activities. Easy mobility is key so you can work with your team to win challenges ... or not if you're the Traitor. 

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What happens in The Traitors Experience?

Mercedes Javid is seen at The Traitors Experience on January 11, 2024

Once you check in at the front desk, the members of your group get ushered into a green room where you can experience a taste of the Scottish Highlands with scones and sweets. There's also a limited selection of themed drinks and alcoholic drinks (available with valid ID). A tartan-wearing host then prepares you for the adventure to come with an explanation of the basic rules of the game, with a side order of some psychological questioning. 

Once your entire group is assembled, everyone is led into the game where you'll be thrust into The Traitors game itself as a master of ceremonies will select the Traitor of the group as you are all blindfolded. From there, it's up to you to observe your fellow players to assess their behavior as Faithful or Traitor-y. Or, if you're the Traitor, how will you strategize your gameplay of sabotage so you don't draw the attention of your peers.

Phaedra Parks is seen at The Traitors Experience on January 11, 2024

Together, the group will go through five separate challenges, all with high-stakes outcomes. Two take place outdoors and three are staged back inside the mansion. As various times between challenges, the master of ceremonies will bestow the news of someone the Traitor has chosen to murder in plain sight. The chosen can still play but there will be a big disadvantage going forward in challenges. 

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Johnny Devenanzio and Peppermint are seen at The Traitors Experience on January 11, 2024

Once the five challenges are complete, everyone is taken into the inner sanctum roundtable where the master of ceremonies will ask everyone to discuss who they think the Traitor is, and why? Just like the series, the drama flies as accusations are made and evidence is presented. Then, everyone votes! If the room is right with their choice, they get a special prize. If the Traitor bests them, then they get a special prize. It's in this moment, that you come to understand the power of the players around you and how easy it is for bold personalities to sway the whole room. Winner or loser, you'll walk away with a new appreciation for the series and for how dashing Alan is conducting all of the madness! 

New episodes of The Traitors Season 2 premiere every Thursday. Episodes are available to stream on Peacock alongside The Traitors: Postmortem after show.

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