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Abigail Spencer Speculates Where A Suits Reunion Would Find Her Character

The actress, best known as Scottie on Suits, now stars on the new NBC sitcom Extended Family.

By Stephanie Gomulka

You may know Abigail Spencer as Scottie, the hot-shot lawyer and former love interest of Harvey Spector (Gabriel Macht) on Suits. Now she’s ready to lay down the law once more. This time as a mother-of-two raising her kids with her ex-husband, while also falling in love with her new fiancé on NBC’s Extended Family.

How to Watch

Watch Extended Family on NBC and Peacock.

Spencer joined her fellow leads sitcom veterans Jon Cryer (Two and a Half Men) and Donald Faison (Scrubs, Remember the Titans) to chat about the new show and her time on Suits with USA Insider.

Where Would Scottie from Suits Be Today?

Harvey Spector (Gabriel Macht) sits at a desk in a scene from Suits

Scottie rose her way through the ranks in New York and London, eventually making name partner. She also helped Harvey out of tough spots after she left Pearson and Specter.

Although Harvey and Scottie weren’t end game, she was one of his more serious girlfriends over the course of the show’s nine seasons. They first got together during their time at Harvard.

With all nine seasons of Suits on Peacock, you can catch up with how Scottie’s story ends any time, but for anyone wishing for another spinoff or reboot, Spencer touched on where she thinks Scottie would be today.  

“I think that she probably started her own firm in London and is continuing to beat Harvey Specter at the game,” Spencer said.

Abigail Spencer on Her New Show Extended Family

Close up of Abigail Spencer in Suits

In Spencer's new multi-camera comedy, her character Julia's version of a happily ever after is actually an amicable divorce from her ex-husband Jim (Cryer). An added "plot twist" Spencer calls out is Julia also gets a new beginning with a budding romance with her fiancé (Faison). The comedy focuses on the trio’s ability to co-parent and get along with the interesting family dynamics at play.

“[Jim] just spins off into new weird directions pretty much every episode,” Cryer said to USA Insider. “You can sort of see why Julia would love him, but also why Julia could not be married to him anymore.”

It’s not lost on her that Julia is a crisis manager who constantly has trouble managing a crisis at home, Spencer noted.

“It’s kind of the perfect dynamic,” Spencer said. “Julia and Jim really put their children first which is what I love about the relationship, is that whatever’s going on with them…at the end of the day they come together to be the best co-parents they can be.”

When it comes to picking between Harvey Specter or Faison’s character, Boston Celtics owner Trey Taylor, Spencer says it’s a “Sophie’s choice question” and she’d rotate between the two.

“I mean, you know, that is an impossible decision to make,” Spencer said.

Watch the first episode of Extended Family on Saturday, December 23rd at 8/7c on NBC. New weekly episodes return Tuesday, January 2nd at 8:30/7:30c on NBC. All episodes will be available to stream next day on Peacock. You can catch all of Suits exclusively on Peacock as well.