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The Latest Trailer for The Fall Guy Might Be the Most Stunt-Filled Thing We've Ever Seen

Car chases, fist fights, shootouts, fire-breathing (yes, fire-breathing), and so much more!

By Matthew Jackson

Last week, The Fall Guy celebrated its world premiere with a star-packed screening at SXSW. This week, fans everywhere get to celebrate because a new trailer for one of the most-anticipated movies of the year is here, and it's full of scintillating new stuntman action. 

Starring Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt, and directed by former stunt man (and John Wick co-director) David Leitch, The Fall Guy, described as a "love letter" to stunt performers everywhere, is an adaptation of the '80s TV series of the same created by Glen A. Larson (Battlestar Galactica). Like the TV series, the film follows stunt man Colt Seavers (Gosling) as he goes on the search for a missing person, but this time around, the plot is... well, a bit more meta.

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See, Cole's not just looking for a random missing person. He's looking for a movie star, namely Tom Ryder (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), the star of an upcoming blockbuster directed by Cole's old flame, Jody Moreno (Emily Blunt). Cole and Jody met on movie sets, fell in love, and seemed to have everything figured out, at least until an injury derailed Colt's career and knocked him off the map. Now he's back, and if he has any chance at winning Jody back, it's finding her lead actor and, therefore, saving the movie that will be her big break. 

But you didn't just come here for the plot. You came here for stunts, and the latest trailer is absolutely packed with those moments. Car chases, fist fights, shootouts, fire-breathing (yes, fire-breathing), and so much more are all in these three minutes of footage, all set to a rocking Journey song, because Colt Seavers knows how to party. 

Check out the latest trailer for The Fall Guy

Full of stunts so big at least one of them set a new world recordThe Fall Guy premiered March 12 at the SXSW Film & TV Festival in Austin, Texas, where it immediately won over the audience and earned glowing reviews from critics praising both its stunt work and its heart.

It was already an anticipated film, but now it's one of those movies that action fans everywhere are going to have to see for themselves on the big screen, and fortunately, the wait is almost over.

The Fall Guy hits theaters May 3. Get tickets now at Fandango.