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The Spice Girls Dig That Made Mel B. Spray Water on Simon Cowell

Water Spice, is that you?

By Elizabeth Logan

Someone needs to spice up his life! America's Got Talent: Fantasy League Judge Simon Cowell made one of his signature clever, but barbed, remarks during the January 1 season premiere, and to the surprise of no one, it was directed at his frequent sparring partner, Mel B.

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She is, of course, a member of the iconic girl group The Spice Girls, who are just as much about fun and friendship as they are about singing and dancing. But Cowell couldn't help himself, getting under Scary Spice's skin about the legendary Billboard Music Award-winning music group.

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Simon Cowell jokes with Mel B about the Spice Girls

After recruiting silent prop clown Tape Face to her team, Mel B instructed the offbeat performer to involve Cowell. Tape Face brought the Judge on stage and blindfolded him while the Act did a silly trick.

Back at the Judges' table, Cowell was unimpressed and recounted his experience on stage with a sassy one-liner: I stood there. I didn’t sing. I felt like a Spice Girl.”

Split of Mel B and Simon Cowell

Laughing hard, Mel B grabbed the nearest prop — her cup of water — and dumped it on Cowell's head, then sprayed the remaining drops all over him. 

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In fairness, she did give him a head's-up. Earlier in the episode, after Mel B had a less-then-effusive response to an Act, Cowell asked what judgment-impairing liquid might be in her cup. She answered, "It’s water! It’s water, that I can use to throw on you if you annoy me." Well, she kept that promise!

He may also have been primed to throw a little insult Mel's way after she stole one of his favorite Acts with her Golden Buzzer, the roller skating sibling duo Billy and Emily.

In an interview with Glamour, Scary Spice divulged how exactly the Judges went about deciding their Act-drafting order. 

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"Between us four Judges, we all had to pick a straw out, so depending on how short or how long your draw was, you got to pick one of your teams first. That was really interesting. Simon got the shortest draw, so he was always the last to pick," she explained before teasing the spats to come: "And this year, which is funny, I'm actually sitting next to him. In all the seven years I've done it before, I've never sat next to him. But it's been really lovely to be back in L.A. and hanging out with Heidi again. We've been having our girly sleepovers at her house where the boys are not invited. It’s been a really exciting time."