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Meet the Love Island USA Season 4 Islanders—Including the Girl Who Dated a Celeb

Who. Was. It?

By Christopher Rosa

Love Island USA Season 4 is coming to heat up your summer—and there's plenty of drama in store. Starting July 19 and streaming six days a week on Peacock, you'll watch a group of sexy singles look for love in a beautiful California villa. There will be tears, there will be fights, and there will be cheeky commentary brought to you by narrator Iain Stirling (who famously narrates the U.K. Love Island series). 

This season starts like all Love Island seasons: with the first batch of singles who will meet then pair up into couples. We know the first 10 folks arriving to the villa—meet them, below, including the Contestant who dated a celebrity. (Tell us who it was, Zeta!) 


Age: 32

Hometown: São Paulo

Current location: Dubai

Job: International model

Fun fact: He's lived in more than 10 countries. 

Felipe on Love Island


Age: 23

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Current location: Minneapolis, MN

Job: Realtor

Fun fact: His celebrity crush is Margot Robbie. 

Andy on Love Island


Age: 27

Hometown: Springfield, OH

Current location: Houston, TX

Job: Courier

Fun fact: He drinks 3-4 gallons of milk per week. 

Jesse on Love Island


Age: 21

Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD

Current location: Delray, FL

Job: Waiter

Fun fact: He thinks his back is his best feature. 

Isaiah on Love Island


Age: 29

Hometown: New York City, NY

Current location: Los Angeles, CA

Job: Trainer and real estate agent 

Fun fact: He likes to eat the back of shrimp tails. He eats the whole thing! 

Timmy on Love Island


Age: 22

Hometown: Houston, TX

Current location: Los Angeles

Job: Manager for a tech startup

Fun fact: Her dream job is to be a trophy wife—with no job. 

Sydney on Love Island


Age: 29

Hometown: Surrey, England

Current location: Los Angeles

Job: Babysitter and model 

Fun fact: Has dated a celebrity, which she says "was great...until it wasn't." 

Zeta on Love Island

Deborah (Deb)

Age: 26

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Current location: Redondo Beach, CA

Job: Assistant

Fun fact: Justin Bieber once flirted with her on an elevator. 

Deb on Love Island


Age: 24

Hometown: Winter Park, FL

Current location: Los Angeles

Job: Stylist 

Fun fact: She's had 19 plastic surgeries. 

Courtney on Love Island


Age: 28

Hometown: Clovis, CA

Current location: New Orleans, LA

Job: Bartender

Fun fact: She cries "as a hobby."

Sereniti on Love Island

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