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Lindsay Lohan Cloned Herself to Reenact This Iconic Parent Trap Scene with Jimmy Fallon

Suddenly we're craving Oreos with peanut butter.

By Christopher Rudolph

Lindsay Lohan had Jimmy Fallon seeing double on The Tonight Show.

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While Lohan was a March 5 guest on the talk show to discuss her new Netflix rom-com, Irish Wish, Fallon also brought up some of Lohan's classic past roles like The Parent Trap.

When Fallon asked the Freaky Friday actress if she gets recognized on the street, Lohan said, "Sometimes if I'm talking, people will clock the hair and then my voice," adding that it was actually younger fans who come up to her because they're now discovering her earlier movies.

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"Now it's a generation of kids again because younger kids are seeing The Parent Trap," said Lohan, referring to the 1998 Disney remake, which was her first feature film role.

"My kids love Parent Trap. Thank you for doing that TikTok earlier, we did a thing for SnapChat," Fallon teased to the audience.

The clip features Lohan reprising her roles as Hallie and Annie, the twins she played in The Parent Trap, backstage in Studio 6B. Lohan offers Fallon an Oreo. The Tonight Show Host accepts, but suddenly another Lohan, wearing a Camp Walden shirt like in the movie, appears on the other side of him.

"At home I eat them with peanut butter," says Lohan in a British accent.

"That is so weird, so do I," replies the other Lohan, pulling a jar of peanut butter out of her purse, recreating an iconic scene from the movie.

Confused, Fallon says, "Okay, I'll see one of you out here," as he leaves the dressing room. Lohan then dunks the Oreo in peanut butter, as "her twin" smiles and shrugs.

Fans in the comments were living for the Parent Trap callback, with even the official Oreos TikTok account commenting on the video, writing, "Oh, don't do this to us. We're already seeing double (stuf)!"

Lindsay Lohan playing her Parent Trap twins on The Tonight Show was a '90s kids' dream

During their interview, Fallon told Lohan, "I said this to you backstage, but I really mean this. Not many people can do what you do. You're talented, but you're so funny. Whatever you do, it's just great, and you can't take your eyes off it. It's fantastic."

If you have ever wondered where the idea of Oreos and peanut butter came from, it turns out Parent Trap director Nancy Meyers, who also co-wrote the script, just made it up.

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Lindsay Lohan on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Episode 1932

"I forgot I even wrote that," she told HelloGiggles back in 2017 when asked about the genesis of the pairing. "I have no idea [where I came up with it]. I think it was just something weird that both girls would like. It was another example of the fact that they're twins."

"I just made up [peanut butter and Oreos] for no reason other than it sounded weird and some cute kid would do it," Meyers added.

No matter where the idea came from, Oreos and peanut butter are a delicious combination, and it seems like Fallon and Lohan agree.