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This Dance Group’s Feet Were Literally on Fire During a One-of-a-Kind Act

Argentinian malambo sensation, Legion, set the AGT stage, and their shoes, ablaze with an electrifying dance performance. 

By Clara Faulkner

Season 19 of America's Got Talent ignited with a spectacular performance that left Judge Sofia Vergara saying, "I have never seen anything like that." While this season is bringing on the heat, one Act took it to another level, lighting their shoes on fire and delivering a fiery display complete with whips and drums. 

How to Watch

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Combining blazing choreography with rhythmic precision, the group's awe-inspiring display earned them Vergara's coveted Golden Buzzer, propelling them straight to the live shows. 

What is Malambo Dance Performed by Legion?

Legion performs on stage on America's Got Talent Episode 1903.

The audience felt heat radiating from the stage as Legion, the electrifying Argentinian malambo dance company, delivered a power-packed performance on AGT. For those unfamiliar, Malambo is an Argentine folk dance style that's typically associated with gauchos.

Dressed in sleek all-black outfits adorned with leather details and matching hats, the group commanded attention from the moment they step onto the stage. With each step igniting their shoes with flames, their performance was a thrilling display of precision and intensity fueled by the rhythmic beats of whips, drums, and, of course, fire.

Before the stellar performance, anticipation hung in the air as Simon Cowell asked the group: What would the $1 million prize money mean to them?

“We think we are going to win this,” confidence radiated from the group as they replied, “With the money, we would love to have our own studio.”

With unwavering determination, the group expressed their belief in victory, their eyes set on a future where their passion for dance could flourish. However, they revealed the grit behind their artistry amidst their dreams of owning a studio.

“We have regular jobs.” “We teach, we are in construction… so we rehearse all week, 2 a.m., before and after our real jobs.”

As the group disclosed the reality of their lives outside the spotlight, the audience understood the sacrifices they made to pursue their passion. 

Their commitment to their craft, evident in their late-night rehearsals after long workdays, underscored their unwavering dedication. Yet, amidst the challenges, their determination remained steadfast.

“This is what we want to do for a living.” the group told the Judges.

What did the Judges Say About Legion?

Legion celebrates their Golden Buzzer onstage on America's Got Talent Episode 1903.

The Judges were left stunned by the electrifying performance. Their jaws dropped as soon as the dancers' feet were set ablaze, and the music ignited.

Heidi Klum rose to her feet first in response to the performance, while Cowell remained seated, his jaw hanging open in sheer astonishment.

“That was exciting. Very unexpected, very surprising,” remarked Howie Mandel after the performance. Turning to the group, he asked, “What are you thinking?”

“That malambo is life; it’s everything for us,” Fabian responded on behalf of the group.

Legion’s performance was a mesmerizing display of precision and passion rooted in Argentina's rich cultural heritage. The rhythmic stomping, complex footwork, and energetic drumming transported the audience to the heart of the Pampas.

Their performance wasn't just a dance but a heartfelt expression of their culture and identity, resonating deeply with everyone present.

“I was feeling every bit of it,” Klum said in response to Mandel’s question. “I loved it. Many dancers have danced on this stage, but their feet have never been on fire.”

The electrifying performance captivated the Judges and set a new standard for the competition. The audience's enthusiastic reaction was a testament to the group's unique and unforgettable display of talent.

“This is something I genuinely can see in Vegas,” Cowell added.

Why Sofia Vergara Gave Legion Her Golden Buzzer

Legion poses with Sofia Vergara on America's Got Talent Episode 1903.

"I guess all the Judges are so like fascinated with you guys," Vergara told the group as the crowd booed. "You know, I'm South American. I have seen this dance many times. For me, you guys have to do something spectacular."

As an eerie silence filled the room following her response, Vergara began to speak, saying, "That was spectacular. I thought it was amazing. I have never seen anything like that."

Vergara then hit the Golden Buzzer, prompting a shower of metallic confetti from the ceiling as the group shared a heartwarming embrace, tears streaming down their faces.

As Vergara joined the group on stage, AGT Host Terry Crews handed the microphone to her. She looked into the crowd and said, “This is exactly what we’re here for. This is exactly AGT. This might change these guys' lives, and I love to be a part of it.”

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