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Larry David's Personality Spurred His Mom to Write a Psychiatrist When He Was a Kid

Unsurprisingly, the Seinfeld co-creator has been a curmudgeon since his early days. 

By Christopher Rudolph

In 12 seasons over nearly 25 years, Curb Your Enthusiasm has cemented Larry David's status as America's favorite curmudgeon. And as it turns out, he's been that way since he was a kid. So much so that his mother once wrote to a psychiatrist's syndicated newspaper column asking for parenting advice, as he revealed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

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"My mother, she wanted me to be a mailman. That was her dream. That was her best case scenario," David told Host Jimmy Fallon, who revealed his mother, Gloria Fallon, also wanted him to work for the post office.

"My mother was so worried about me when I was 12, she wrote a letter to the psychiatrist who had a column in the New York Post, Dr. Franzblau," David said in his February 2 chat with Fallon. "She wrote a letter to Dr. Franzblau, and I read it, because she used to talk about Dr. Franzblau. So I would read the column, and I recognized that this was my mother writing to the psychiatrist!"

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Fallon asked David how he knew that he was the subject of the anonymous letter. He said there was a dead giveaway: The subject of the letter didn't like to trick-or-treat for Halloween.

"She's saying that, 'My son, he's 12 years old, he hates people. He's morose. He taciturn,'" explained David. "And what really gave it away, 'He doesn't trick-or-treat.' I knew it was me!"

Larry David on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon episode 1916

What led Larry David's mother to write into a psychiatrist's advice column about him?

Dressing up as your favorite superhero and getting free candy: What's not to like about a favorite Halloween pastime? Apparently a lot, according to the Seinfeld co-creator and early Saturday Night Live writer. 

"It's stupid," he told Fallon, echoing his childhood self. "First off all, you're dealing with strangers all over the place. Every apartment is a stranger. It's rude too, banging on someone's door! It's stupid."

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According to the New York Post, Dr. Rose Franzblau wrote the "Human Relations" column for 25 years, where she "would answer reader’s questions about sex, marriage, parenting and other relationship dynamics in the daily column."

Maybe a series about Larry David in junior high could be his Curb follow-up?