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Kelly Clarkson's Slow, Sultry Cover of Jennifer Lopez's 'Waiting for Tonight' Is A+

A powerful take on a seriously catchy tune. 

By Jackie Manno
Kelly Clarkson Covers 'Waiting For Tonight' By Jennifer Lopez | Kellyoke

Kelly Clarkson has shaken things up yet again with her diverse vocal range during an exciting Kellyoke segment. This time, she channeled another iconic pop star, Jennifer Lopez, with an acoustic version of her classic 1999 dance-pop hit “Waiting For Tonight.”

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Clarkson’s cover started with a slow, smooth guitar riff, played by musician Jaco Caraco. “Like a movie scene, in the sweetest dream, I have pictured us together,” Clarkson softly crooned over the subdued notes. Then, as the pace of the song picked up, she then dropped into a more powerful tone. “It's perfect, it's passion, it's setting me free,” she sang.

The chorus continued along with Caraco plucking the strings and Clarkson singing with gusto “Waiting for tonight when you would be here in my arms,” she belted the song’s signature lyrics with passion.

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When the second chorus came around, some funky piano notes chimed in, giving the song a groovy beat. “Tossing and turning, emotions were strong, I knew I had to hold on,” Clarkson sang, before the drums kicked in during the second chorus. “I’ve dreamed of this love for so long,” she belted again, taking the melody up higher. She then hit a seriously impressive riff while sounding effortless and confident.

To wrap things up, she sang the closing lyrics in a soft breathy tone, before belting out the final note with some steady vibrato. What’s not to love?

To see Kelly Clarkson cover more legendary pop tunes, be sure to check your local listings for The Kelly Clarkson Show on NBC.