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Kelly Clarkson Spooned Howie Mandel, and the Video Is Priceless

Iconic behavior!

By Christopher Rosa

Sometimes things happen in life that just bring you unbridled, unfiltered joy. Kelly Clarkson spooning America's Got Talent Judge Howie Mandel is one of those things. 

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It happened Tuesday, June 21 on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Mandel was on as a guest, and after bantering with Clarkson, she made a hilarious conclusion: that they should never date. 

The reasons? Well, during their chat we learned Clarkson thinks tricycles are cool, and Mandel does not.Also, Clarkson says the word "vespa" in a way that gobsmacks Mandel. And these are dealbreakers, people! Haven't you heard of the how-do-you-say-the-word-"vespa" dealbreaker? 

"I think what we've discovered is we would never date in any realm," Clarkson said, laughing, to which Mandel said, "No, I want you with me all the time!" 

Mandel asked playfully if Clarkson was being serious with her criticisms, which, obviously, she wasn't. This was just funny talk show banter! It's why The Kelly Clarkson Show has racked up nine Emmy nominations! 

But still: Clarkson wanted to make sure Mandel knew she still has love for him. Hugging wouldn't work, so Mandel asked if Clarkson wanted to spoon. And, well, what do you do when Howie Mandel asks you to spoon? You spoon! There really is no other option. 

The video, naturally, is hilarious. Watch for yourself, above. These two are my new friendship goals. 

Watch Mandel on AGT Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.  And you can check out The Kelly Clarkson Show weekdays on NBC. (Check your local listings for times.)