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Kelly Clarkson's Unexpected NSFW Pictionary Drawing Had to Be Blurred Out

The accidentally racy image Clarkson drew during the Tonight Show game had everyone chuckling. 

By Jackie Manno

Kelly Clarkson may be known for her sweet personality while hosting The Kelly Clarkson Show, but we recently (and accidentally) saw a racy side to her during her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on March 12.

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When Clarkson was playing a game of Olympictionary with Host Jimmy Fallon and Peyton Manning, the word she was given was ''shuttlec*ck,'' and we bet you can guess where this is going. 

Clarkson went up to the board and drew a picture of a...well, appendage, which had to be promptly blurred out for obvious reasons. 

Fallon got so embarrassed upon seeing the phallic image that he leapt up from his seat and removed his jacket. 

''I'm so sorry mom!'' Clarkson said while laughing. 

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For the other word, Clarkson then drew a transportation vehicle as Fallon frantically tried to guess the combination. 

Rocketship? Train? Stadium? Bus? Blimp? Tube? All wrong!

''Blimp d**ck!'' Fallon then shouted out in desperation. ''What in the world could that be?''

''That's a shuttle...c*ck,'' Manning then jumped in, saving the day. 

''You couldn't draw a tennis racket?'' Fallon yelped to Clarkson.

''I don't know what shuttlec*ck is!'' Clarkson shouted. 

''Badminton! You just drew the filthiest thing! We're both America's sweethearts, and we did the dirtiest thing we've ever done in the history of our careers!'' Fallon quipped teasingly. 

''He guessed it! He's just as dirty!'' Clarkson said while pointing to Manning. 

Peyton Manning Mike Tirico and Kelly Clarkson on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon episode 1938

Kelly Clarkson is the ''Simone Biles of LEGOS''

When it was time for the interview portion of Clarkson's guest appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, she kept the conversation a little more PG. First, it was revealed that Clarkson, Manning, and Mike Tirico will be hosting the 2024 Paris Olympics opening ceremony. 

Fallon then asked the former The Voice Coach what sport she could hypothetically win an Olympic Gold Medal in, and Clarkson had a swift response. 

"I am the Simone Biles of LEGOs! I am incredible at LEGOs, it's a true thing," the songstress said cheekily. "You should see my house. It's weird. I do [them] with my son mostly."

"I get into it too, and it gets too hard for me, so I just let my kids take it over," Fallon responded, mirroring her enthusiasm.

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"People who make the instructions for LEGOs should make them for everything. They're so easy," Clarkson quipped. 

"But if you miss one step the whole things is..." warned Fallon.

"Well, Jimmy, I don't miss a step," the ''Miss Independent'' singer said with confidence. And we believe her!