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Of Course Kelly Clarkson Sounds Absolutely Perfect Singing in French (VIDEO)

Clarkson performed a rendition of her song "I Dare You" in an entirely different language. 

By Jackie Manno

Kelly Clarkson showed us how she's prepping for her 2024 Paris Olympics hosting gig. 

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On April 1, Clarkson sang a rendition of her song "I Dare You" as a Kellyoke segment. The twist? The lyrics were completely in French this time, and her pronunciation was on point. And of course, she nailed super high belting notes, as always. 

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Kelly Clarkson on hosting the 2024 Paris Olympics opening ceremony

On March 12, when Clarkson appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, officially revealed that she, Peyton Manning, and Mike Tirico will be hosting the 2024 Paris Olympics opening ceremony

"I’m so glad we can say it!" Clarkson told Fallon. We’ve been holding this for — I’m not a vault. I hate secrets!"

Then, Fallon asked Clarkson what she would hypothetically get a gold medal in herself

"I am the Simone Biles of LEGOs! I am incredible at LEGOs, it's a true thing," answered the former The Voice coach. "You should see my house. It's weird. I do it with my son mostly."

"I get into it too, and it gets too hard for me, so I just let my kids take it over," Fallon said.

"People who make the instructions for LEGOs should make them for everything. They're so easy," added Clarkson.

Kelly Clarkson and her band perform on The Kelly Clarkson Show

"But if you miss one step the whole things is..." warned Fallon.

"Well, Jimmy, I don't miss a step," said Clarkson as the audience cheered.

Clarkson also explained while she doesn't currently speak French, she is in the process of learning. 

"No, I did however switch my Duolingo. I was in Spanish world. I have been in French world now. By the time I get there I should, well, be that annoying American that tries to speak French," she said. 

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Peyton Manning Mike Tirico and Kelly Clarkson on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon episode 1938

When Sunday TODAY host Willie Geist appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show, he asked Clarkson about how excited she is for the upcoming opening ceremony. 

''It's awesome, because Tirico is taking a lot of the heavy stuff for us, and we're there to vibe, and fun, and just to enjoy it with everybody. I'm a true fan of watching people achieve something. Everybody that's made it thus far, even if you don't win a medal, you've made it to the Olympics. That's incredible,'' she said. 

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with Access, the "Stronger" singer discussed what she's looking forward to most about the opportunity. 

''Interviewing athletes and talking to them [about] what makes their minds [works], what makes them tick, how they got there," she said.