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Ice T's Daughter, Chanel, Made Her Adorable TV Debut When She Was 4 Months Old

Naturally, she slept through the whole thing. 

By Elizabeth Logan

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star Ice T and his wife Coco Austin's daughter, Chanel, made her TV debut before she could walk, and the moment is so precious.

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Ice T's daughter, Chanel, appeared on The Tonight Show at 4 months old

"I hate to ask you, but could you show a picture — we’d love to see a picture of the baby," Jimmy Fallon asked Ice T when he visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon shortly after his daughter's birth. Ice T didn't have a picture, though. He had something much better: Austin and Chanel there in the flesh! 

Austin brought out their daughter, who was sleeping like, well, a baby, explaining that she was recently listening to The Roots but fell asleep when Fallon started talking to her dad.

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Coco Austin holds Ice T's arm on the red carpet for aw & Order: Special Victims Unit 25th Anniversary Celebration

In a preview of her social media presence to come, Austin told Fallon, "I’ve got the camera in her face at all times. She’s gonna be awesome in five years."  Ice T agreed, saying that he used to be the kind of person who didn't want to see more than one picture of someone's baby, but now he keeps showing Chanel off.

The family decided to take a picture together with Fallon, but Austin had trouble with her new phone, prompting Ice T to hilariously mutter, "Hurry, Coco, we’re on television." 

But the funniest moment was when Fallon held the baby, sitting on the ground. "I have to be close to the floor. Precious cargo right here,"  he said. And as the audience "aww"s, Ice T quipped, "Chanel, say hello to your rich uncle," which cracked Fallon up.

Ice T has been a dad since 1976, when he welcomed LeTesha Marrow into the world. He also has a son, Tracy, and of course, Chanel Nicole. 

"When I had my first kid, I was in the middle of the wildness of becoming Ice T, all the people that were after me, and I had my head down. I really wasn't concentrating on them, I was concentrating on survival. Now, everything is a lot more mellow," he told People in 2016.