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Huntley Reveals Most “Annoying” Thing About His Iconic Hair - and Will He Ever Cut It?

The Voice Season 24 winner has a complicated relationship with his famous locks.

By Matthew Jackson

If you watched Season 24 of The Voice, you probably noticed more than a few things about its eventual winner, the vocalist known only as Huntley. There's his massive stage presence, his musical versatility, and of course his powerful, soulful voice. But there's one other key trait to Huntley that the singer himself has a very complex relationship with, even if his fans can't get enough.

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That's right, we're talking about Huntley's hair. Throughout his time on The Voice, the singer sported long blonde locks that he would often wear in a set of braids that dangled far down his chest, or in a bun on top of his head, often with cascades of hair coming down his back. Huntley's hair quickly became part of his budding rock star persona, completing both his look and his sense of showmanship, to the point that a lot of fans might not recognize him if he ever decided to cut it. 

Will The Voice Season 24 Winner Huntley Ever Cut His Hair?

Huntley Performs "Another Love" by Tom Odell | The Voice Live Finale | NBC

Now, months after being crowned Season 24's champion, Huntley is well aware of the spell his hair has cast on his fans, and on his life as a performer. Long hair is nothing new to him, but when NBC Insider caught up with the singer recently, he did admit that it's become a bit of a chore this time around.

"The most annoying thing about it is how long my hair is, and that’s why I either braid it or have it up in a bun, because it gets caught in stuff," Huntley said. "I’ve always grown my hair, and cut it. I’ve been growing it for about four years now, so who knows, maybe I’ll get it cut?"

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Of course, since winning The Voice, Huntley's been a little too busy to worry much about his hair. Over the last few months he's done everything from performing at NFL games to embarking on a tour to, of course, teasing the arrival of new music for his fans. And, since he's done all of that with the same hair that he took to The Voice to begin with, he's a little reluctant to ditch the golden locks.

"My hair has been such a part of me for the past four years, it’s past my waist, I don’t know if I'll get it cut. It’s kind of like my child," he said.

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