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How Every Member of the Team on Found Reacted to [Spoiler's!] Shocking Confession

All of the characters on Found have secrets. Now, one of them has been exposed.

By Joe Dziemianowicz

Spoilers below for Episode 13 of Found:

How to Watch

Watch the Season 2 premiere of Found Thursday, October 3 at 10/9c on NBC.

Some revelations are so shocking that words fail. Yes, that devastating.

On Found, that’s what went down on Season 1, Episode 13 when recovery specialist Gabi Mosely finally confessed to her colleagues that she’d imprisoned the man who kidnapped her when she was a teen.

For nine months, Gabi (Shanola Hampton) has had Sir (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) chained up in her basement. She’s used him and his criminal mind to help solve missing-persons cases.

Recent events conspired to compel Gabi to share her deep secret — regardless of the consequences.That includes the life-and-death revelation that Sir managed to escape from his cell, and is now back at large.

How did the Found team react to Gabi’s secret?

With Sir’s escape, Gabi knew she had to come clean to her inner circle. In the past, Sir had threatened to kill Lacey (Gabrielle Walsh), after all. Before she could tell all, a high-stakes and very personal old case involving a missing young woman came up.

It turned out that it was a complicated family affair, one with rough repercussions but with deep gratitude from the rescued victim.

The cast of Found sits around a table in Found Episode 113.

The young woman told Gabi that she wore “an invisible cape.” But Gabi wasn’t feeling heroic. Instead of the usual happy toast to celebrate the missing girl’s return, Gabi insisted that her team gather. She had something crucial to say.  

She was prompted by the fact that Dhan (Karan Oberoi), the one person who already knew about Sir, had done some digging. It appeared that Sir, who was using another alias, had boarded a flight to Amsterdam after escaping from Gabi's home.

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“He ran,” said Dhan, who’d scrubbed away any trace of Sir from the basement prison. “You’re free, Gabi.”

But at that same moment, Gabi came to a game-changing realization. After his escape, Sir had played a role in her solving the just-resolved mystery.

“He knew how much this case meant to me,” Gabi told Dhan. “He believes helping me is his purpose … He’s never going to let me go.”

Sir Will Never Let Gabi Go | Found | NBC

Rattled to the core, Gabi declared, “I have to end it all now.”

Gabi assembled the team in the Mosely & Associates conference room, and her confession unfolded behind closed glass doors. We see Gabi speaking to the group, but don’t hear a word. Instead, the scene played out like a grim silent movie. You didn’t need “Margaret vision” superpowers of observation to read the room.

The stunned disbelief, confusion, and horror on the faces of Lacey, Margaret (Kelli Williams), and Zeke (Arlen Escarpeta), who teleconferenced in, spoke louder than words. Gabi, their trusted true north, had done the unthinkable.

Lacey stood up and left the room. Then Margaret departed, and Zeke signed off. In the end, only Gabi and Dhan remained. They sank down, wrecked by the team’s reaction and the grim uncertainty of what would come next, as Gabi sobbed.

Gabi Mosely curls up on the floor near Dahn Rana in Found Episode 113.

Viewers then saw the fallout of the secret: At home, Lacey screamed in despair and threw anything she could get her hands on. At the bus station, Margaret, with her eyes moist, looked dazed. At home, Zeke reeled. At his apartment, Dhan was comforted by his husband.  

Finally, back at Lacey’s apartment, she ignored an incoming phone call from Gabi. Hidden inside her closet, Sir ominously smiled. It turns out he didn't head to Amsterdam, after all.

What will happen to Lacey? Will the team rally around Gabi? Find out when Found returns for Season 2 on NBC.