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Savannah Guthrie Reveals How She Lost Her Tooth at TODAY's Christmas Party

Savannah Guthrie didn't need Santa Claus that year. She needed the Tooth Fairy! 

By Chris Phelan

It's incredible how much guests open up to Andy Cohen when appearing on the Watch What Happens Live! After Show. Something about being on the show makes a person feel comfortable enough to tell all. This was certainly the case when TODAY's Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie appeared on the show July 9. Want proof? Just listen to Guthre's story about losing a tooth at the TODAY holiday party. Yep! 

Savannah Guthrie takes fans behind the (toothy) scenes of a TODAY party

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Savannah Guthrie for TODAY

Like any good storyteller, Guthrie set the stage for fans unaware of how the stars of TODAY ring in the holidays. 

"When you're at the TODAY Show Christmas party, it starts at, like, 3 p.m., a lot of day drinking, I don't know," she began. "Anyway, everyone left and it ended up being me, Sheinelle [Jones], Dylan [Dreyer] and Jenna [Bush Hager] — and Laura Jarrett, but she had to leave. The next thing I know, the morning I wake up, I'm like, I feel like something's missing."

A giddy Kotb couldn't help but interject. 

"A molar was gone," Kotb helpfully offered.

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"I was like, 'Where is it?' And I'm like, maybe it was at the Pebble Bar, because it was gone," Guthrie continued.

The funniest part? Guthrie initially didn't do anything about her mysterious lost tooth — she claimed she waited "weeks" before seeing a dentist.

"Longer than weeks," Kotb corrected. "I was like, 'Go to the dentist!'"

Guthrie's rationale for waiting so long to get her mouth checked out was simple — and something many fans can relate to as far as making a timely dentist's appointment: "You couldn't see it, it was a molar."

Watch Guthrie tell this story, below. Start at the 1:50 mark: 

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To this day, Guthrie still doesn't know how a molar managed to fall out of her mouth during an evening of celebratory drinks with her colleagues, and it remains one of the funniest memories for the ladies of TODAY to bond over!