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Relationships Are Put to the Test in Peacock's New Dating Show Couple to Throuple

On Couple to Throuple, four couples arrive on a tropical island ready to experiment with polyamory.

By Becca van Sambeck

For many people, monogamy is the way to go in romance. But for others, the idea of having a third person in a relationship is more suitable for their lifestyles. But how do you know if that unconventional dating approach is right for you and your relationship? A new series gives questioning couples a chance to figure it out.

What is Couple to Throuple?

Exploring polyamory, aka the practice of having multiple romantic partners at once, is a concept explored in Peacock's newest dating show, Couple to Throuple, premiering Thursday, February 8. In the series, four couples who are intrigued by polyamory test it out to see if this particular fantasy could be an actual reality.

Dylan, Lauren, Sean, Brittne, Ashmal, and Rehman appear in Season 1 of Couple to Throuple

They couples will arrive at a beautiful tropical resort where they will meet a batch of singles who are very familiar with the practice, ready to have fun, and try to date these couples together.

"With three times the fun, the feelings, and drama, these relationships are put through the ultimate test to see if they are the perfect match. At the end of their time in paradise, the couples will decide if their hearts have room for more than just 'the one' and commit as a throuple, go home as they arrived, or leave separately," the press release states.

Wilder and Corey appear in Season 1 of Couple to Throuple

Who is on Couple to Throuple?

Couple to Throuple is hosted by Emmy-nominated journalist Scott Evans, the host of Access Hollywood, with sex and relationship expert Shamyra Howard to help the couples navigate the practice of being in a throuple. As seen in the explosive trailer, that advice proves necessary, as the couples deal with jealousy, create boundaries, and fall in love with other people.

Clearly, for some people this will be the start of an exciting new romantic chapter. For others, they may end up realizing their relationship wasn't what they thought.

Scott Evans hosts Season 1 of Couple to Throuple

When does Couple to Throuple premiere?

Couple to Throuple premieres on Peacock on Thursday, February 8. The 10-episode series will roll out in weekly batches of three, although the jaw-dropping season finale will stream separately.

The show is produced by Naked, a Fremantle label, and executive producers include Matthew Cox, Katy Fox, James Lessell, and Tom O'Brien.