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Donald Faison Has an Exciting Update on the Scrubs Reunion — and Reveals His Hopes for the Revival

“It’s gonna happen,” Donald Faison said of bringing the cast of the beloved medical comedy Scrubs back together.

By Jill Sederstrom

Scrubs fans, get ready to rejoice! It looks like the fan favorite medical comedy could be resuscitated soon. 

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Donald Faison, who played the competitive yet lovable surgeon Dr. Christopher Turk on the long-running comedy, told NBC Insider while promoting his newest NBC comedy, Extended Family that a Scrubs reunion is already in the works.

But when will we see this Scrubs revival? Here's what Faison had to say about the possibility, as well as his tight friendship with the rest of the cast.

Will There Be a Scrubs Reunion?

Faison confirmed there will be a Scrubs reunion, saying, "We’re on our way to doing it."

It’s still unclear the exact format the reunion could take or when Dr. Turk and Dr. John Michael “J.D.” Dorian, played by Faison’s real-life BFF Zach Braff, might grace the halls of Sacred Heart Hospital once again, but Faison assured fans it would become a reality one day.

“It’s gonna happen,” he said. “I don’t know when, but within the next five years.”

Faison’s comments echo the sentiment expressed to Variety by show creator Bill Lawrence last year. At the time, Lawrence called the possibility of a reunion “inevitable.” 

Sarah Chalke as Dr. Elliot Reid, Zach Braff as Dr. John 'J.D.' Dorian, and Donald Faison as Dr. Christopher Turk in Scrubs

“In the greatest way, the cast of that show and the writers are so good that they’re all working. And the main reason to do something like that isn’t the work, it’s because we actually love hanging out,” he said.

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As for Faison’s hopes for the reunion? The veteran actor is keeping it simple. 

“I just want everybody to come back. It’d be nice if we could get the whole show back, even Ken [Jenkins], who’s a grown man,” Faison said, referencing Jenkins’ often curmudgeonly character Dr. Robert Kelso. 

When did Scrubs end?

For nine seasons, Scrubs followed the lives of the doctors, surgeons, nurses, and administrators working within the fictional hospital’s walls, often telling a story with the help of J.D.’s overactive imagination and internal monologue. 

The show ended in March 2010, but has continued to be a cult favorite among fans, who praise the show for its unique mix of hilarity and poignancy. 

However, today, Scrubs may feel like a comedy classic, but Faison told NBC Insider that wasn’t always the case. During its run, the comedy struggled to pull in audience numbers like its comedy counterparts at the time, including the hugely popular Friends.

“Because of that, every year, we felt like we were on the bubble,” he said. 

The show even moved networks from NBC to ABC as it struggled to stay on the air.

“It was a fight to get back on,” Faison said. “We had to change networks, we had to do so many things.”

Donald Faison on Clueless’ Popularity

Scrubs isn’t the only project in Faison’s past that has proved its long-lasting popularity over time. 

The married father also never imagined Clueless would become the cult classic that it is today. Faison was just 21 years old when the teen coming-of-age film came out in 1995. 

Donald Faison (as Murray Duvall) and Stacey Dash (as Dionne Davenport) in the movie Clueless

Faison played Murray, the wise-cracking boyfriend of Dionne Davenport (Stacey Dash).

“I remember saying to Adam Schroeder, who was one of the executive producers on the movie, what kinda movie is this gonna be? He’s like, ‘It’s gonna be a hit’ ... and I was like, ‘Bullsh-t.’ He’s like, ‘You’ll see. This is gonna be a hit movie,’” Faison told NBC Insider. 

At the time, Faison didn’t believe the now-iconic dialogue in the film seemed believable. 

“Then it came out and it was huge,” he said, adding the unique vernacular worked in a movie setting.

These days, Faison plays Trey, the fictional owner of the Boston Celtics, on the new NBC comedy Extended Family. 

His character is engaged to Julia (Abigail Spencer), a crisis public relations expert trying to juggle co-parenting responsibilities with her ex Jim (Jon Cryer)

To catch up with the unconventional family, tune in to Extended Family Tuesdays at 8:30/7:30c on NBC or available streaming the next day on Peacock.