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Yes, Blake Shelton Sings The New The Fall Guy Theme Song - Everything to Know (LISTEN)

Find out how Blake Shelton came to cover The Fall Guy theme song, “The Unknown Stuntman,” in the new film. 

By Tara Bennett

If you grew up in the '80s, then you lived in the heyday of action drama television shows. From the The A-Team and Knight Rider to The Greatest American Hero and The Fall Guy, all of them were based around a "case of the week" that leaned heavily on car chases, shootouts, and plenty of main character fisticuffs. Just about all of them also featured great theme songs with memorable melodies and lyrics that encapsulated the spirit of the show in just a few bars. 

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In The Fall Guy, Universal Picture's upcoming big screen revival of the classic series (out exclusively in theaters on May 3), the show's theme song also gets a glow up with country music superstar and The Voice alumni Blake Shelton providing his cover version of the song.

Does Blake Shelton Sing The Fall Guy Theme Song?

Yes, that is country legend Blake Shelton singing the updated version of The Fall Guy's iconic theme song, "The Unknown Stuntman."

Blake Shelton performing on stage.

The new The Fall Guy movie isn't following in the original show's footsteps by having incredibly talented crooner and lead actor Ryan Gosling (Barbie) sing "The Unknown Stuntman." Rather, self-proclaimed fan of the TV series and authentic country crooner Blake Shelton has taken the reins of the theme song that plays over the film's final credits. 

Director David Leitch told NBC Insider during the recent The Fall Guy press tour that the connection of artist and song came via the friendship between President of Music and Publishing at NBCUniversal Mike Knobloch and long-time The Voice judge, Shelton.

"Mike Knobloch is close to Blake, and Blake had sort of hinted like, 'Hey, if they want someone to redo the song...,' and we're like, 'Are you kidding, Blake? Yes, please!'" Leitch revealed of how the interest was passed along to the filmmakers. "We leaned in and reached right back out and said, 'Let's redo it!' It's really exciting that he was a fan and that he came on board to update that classic."

What's the origin of The Fall Guy theme song, "The Unknown Stuntman"?

Lee Majors takes Judith Chapman out of a car on the fall guy

The Fall Guy series ran for five seasons and was one of those rare shows that boasted its leading man as the singer of its theme song too. Actor Lee Majors did double duty for the series playing Colt Seavers, a Hollywood stuntman who moonlights as bounty hunter, and serving as the country crooner of the theme song, "The Unknown Stuntman." 

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While Majors does a pretty good job warbling the "autobiographical" lyrics of "The Unknown Stuntman," the singing gig was a one-off for the actor. Unlike other performers who straddled acting and the music world, Majors wasn't a professional singer. However, he was coerced into singing the theme song because the lyrics were from the perspective of Seavers, who sings about the thankless job of being a high profile stuntman doing all the dirty work but getting none of the rewards of the big name actors whom he doubles. 

Listen to Black Shelton's Version of The Fall Guy Theme Song "The Unknown Stuntman"

Universal has revealed a sample of Shelton's version of the song, check it out below.

The Fall Guy will arrive on the big screen Friday, May 3. Click here to pick up tickets!