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Clues Revealed for First Time in Murder of 27-Year-Old Singer Found Tied Up in Her Home in New Dateline

The mysterious murder of Michigan singer Egypt Covington would take years to solve, divide a community, and rip apart a family.

By Jill Sederstrom
Egypt Covington on Dateline: A Girl Named Egypt

After a Michigan singer was found dead, tied up in her home, it would take years to bring those responsible to justice.

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For the first time, Michigan State Police detectives who helped crack the shocking murder case of Egypt Covington are revealing some of the clues they uncovered in the investigation on an all-new Dateline NBC Friday, March 22 at 9/8c p.m.

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As the synopsis for the “A Girl Named Egypt” episode explains: “After 27-year-old Egypt Covington is found murdered in her home, investigators in Michigan quickly identify a person of interest, but years pass without an arrest. The two-hour broadcast features the latest developments in the case, including state police detectives speaking out for the first time to reveal clues they uncovered in Egypt’s murder.”

What happened to Egypt Covington?

Covington’s boyfriend, Curtis Meadows, knew something was wrong when the singer never responded to his usual morning check-in in late June of 2017.

“I always sent her a good morning text,” Meadows said in a chilling preview clip of Friday’s Dateline episode. 

But after hours went by without any response from Covington, Meadows drove to her home after work to check on her and found the front door ajar.

“She was tied up, blood clearly covering the side of her head,” he said of discovering Covington's body. The 27-year-old’s death came as a shock to those closest to her. 

The police investigation that would follow “divided the entire community,” according to one of Dateline's interview subjects, and left Covington’s loved ones struggling with who could have wanted her dead. 

“There was a gut punch coming and it wasn’t just who, but rather why,” Dateline correspondent Andrea Canning said in the preview video about the case’s outcome.

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Canning told NBC Insider that the most surprising element of covering the case was “how quickly the Michigan police solved the case after the local police couldn’t for years.” 

She spoke to Michigan State Police Detectives James Plummer and Sean Street for the episode, to find out what clues finally brought the case to its resolution. 

James Plummer and Sean Street on Dateline: A Girl Named Egypt

Canning hopes viewers are inspired by Covington's family’s persistence to get the murder solved.

“Families shouldn’t give up in their pursuit of justice,” Canning said. “This family was relentless in getting Egypt’s case in the right hands and getting people to care.”

But the tireless pursuit also had some sad consequences for the family.

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“The most difficult aspect to this story was dealing with a family divided,” Canning told NBC Insider. “A loving family that not only lost Egypt, but lost the family bond and is yet to regain it.” 

To find out more about the case, tune into Dateline NBC on Friday, March 22, at 9/8c p.m. on NBC, or stream it on Peacock the next day. 

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