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The American Song Contest Week 5 Performers Include Sisqó

The Dru Hill member is known for his solo hit "Thong Song."

By Christopher Rosa
American Song Contest Week 5 Performers

American Song Contest has reached its fifth (and final) Qualifying Round episode. On the April 18th episode, we will meet the last batch of Artists in the running to win the title of Best Original Song, and you'll no doubt recognize one of them: Sisqó, a.k.a the mastermind who gave the world "Thong Song" back in 2000. If you're a millennial, that little tune is no doubt ingrained in your memory like your childhood best friend's phone number. And ASC is about to send it right to the front of your mind. 

Well, maybe not right to the front. Sisqó won't be performing "Thong Song" or any tracks from his iconic group, Dru Hill. Instead, he'll be doing a new, original song, just like his fellow Contestants. Read on to learn more about what he and the other Artists are bringing to the stage. 

Sisqó, Maryland

Instagram: @sisqo

The song: "It's Up" 

In their words: "I'm literally writing the song talking about the date that I was on," he said about the inception of his hit "Thong Song." 

Sweet Taboo, California 

Instagram: @sweettabooofficial

The song: "Keys to the Kingdom"

In their words: "Our whole lives we've been working toward this, so to finally get this moment to show the world who we are is so exciting." 

Khalisol, New Mexico 

Instagram: @solkhali

The song: "Drop" 

In their words:  "I dedicate this to those that watch hoping I fail, 'cause guess what? That word don’t exist to me, so joke's on you." 

Ada LeAnn, Michigan 

Instagram: @ada.leann

The song: "Natalie"

In their words: "I'M GOING ON TV?! WHAT?! insane. this is so huge for me and im ecstatic to bring you on my journey!!" 

John Morgan, North Carolina 

Instagram: @johnmorgan95

The song: "Right in the Middle" 

In their words: "It wasn't necessarily a specific story," Morgan said about the inspiration behind "Right in the Middle." "It was more of all of us collectively pulling from past experiences to make it relatable. Everyone's been there, where you're trying to move on and you're thinking about somebody else while you're with somebody new."  

Josh Panda, Vermont

Instagram: @joshpandaofficial

The song: "Rollercoaster." 

In their words: "I'm 'gonna put #Vermont on the map and in prime time." 

Tenelle, American Samoa


The song: "Full Circle" 

In their words: "Mama always told me, 'You never get a 2nd chance for a first impression. So make sure it’s a lasting impression.'" 

Jason J., Guam 

Instagram: @jasonj.music

The song: "Midnight"

In their words: "Let’s get Guam to the Semi-Finals!" 

HALIE, Missouri 


The song: "Better Things"

In their words: "If I didn’t have music, I would have nothing." 

Andrew Sheppard, Idaho 


The song: "Steady Machine"

In their words: "Vote Idaho!"

Justin Jesso, Illinois

Instagram: @justinjesso

The song: "Lifeline" 

In their words: "I'm coming to your living room, America!" 

Reminder: American Song Contest airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.