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Sofia Vergara Screams Watching This Aerialist Couple’s Scary Act

These gravity defying moves had the America's Got Talent Judges on the edge of their seats.

By Jill Sederstrom

Sebastián Jiménez and Sonia Moreno’s double aerial on America’s Got Talent Act had everything: romance, intense gravity defying moves and some moments of sheer terror that had Judge Sofia Vergara screaming in her seat. 

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The real life couple’s mesmerizing, edge-of-your seat Act — which included a few moments that left the couple’s fate in question — had Vergara declaring it was “the best” and Judge Simon Cowell announcing it would be his new benchmark for evaluating all other aerial acts. 

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“It was difficult and stunning, so beautifully synchronized,” he said. “Going forward, I will use you as a benchmark for what I believe is the best of this type that I have ever seen.” 

Who Are Aerial Artists Sebastián and Sonia?

Sebastian & Sonia onstage during America's Got Talent, Episode 1905.

Part of what made the talented aerialists' Act so entrancing, was their ability to incorporate their own romance and powerful connection into their performance. 

The couple shared their own adorable meet-cute story backstage, as Jiménez explained that he first spotted Moreno on Instagram.

“Two years ago, I was looking on Instagram and I found a girl so beautiful,” he recalled. “So, I follow her, but she didn’t follow me back.” 

Then Moreno picked up the story, sharing that one year later the two came face-to-face at a dance class.

“He says, ‘you remember me?’ And I say, ‘woah, it’s this guy,’” she said. 

It may have taken another six or seven months before the couple started dating, but Moreno now calls Jiménez her “soul mate.” 

And together the two love birds are hoping to take the world by storm.

“This moment is very important for us,” Jiménez said. “We want to have our own show.” 

Moreno added that she would “love to work in Las Vegas.” 

After the pair took the AGT stage holding hands, they shared what it’s like to mix their personal and professional lives. 

“Is it awkward sometimes to work together and—and be a couple?” Vergara asked. 

“Sometimes,” Moreno admitted. 

Are Sebastian & Sonia OK After That Scary Moment on AGT?

Sebastian & Sonia perform during America's Got Talent Episode 1905.

Yet, their powerful connection to each other was an asset in their Act.  

Set to the backdrop of JVKE’s “Golden Hour,” the pair began their act on the ground as they lovingly embraced before each grabbing a rope and swinging each other across the stage. 

But the real terror began when the couple rose to the top of the stage — gripping only the ropes — and went so high that they hit the large X’s hanging from the ceiling, as the terrified Judges looked on.

As they spun in the air, Jiménez held onto Moreno using only his legs as she hung upside down from the great height.

At one point, the couple returned to the ground and Jiménez wrapped his arm around Moreno before they both flew up into the air. As he shifted his weight so that he was only holding her body with one arm and they floated through the air. Vergara clapped and let out a small scream. 

The two continued to twirl through the air in a series of gravity defying moves before they returned to the ground and in one final brazen move, Moreno grabbed both ropes, was lifted straight up into the air and then dropped the ropes, quickly plummeting to the ground before landing in Jiménez’s waiting arms.

Vergara let out another terrified scream.

Despite the pulse-pounding mid-air tricks,  Jiménez and Moreno managed to complete the act unscathed and were soon being praised by the astonished AGT Judges. 

“Your act is so spectacular, so flawless, so sexy and efficient,” Vergara said. “The way that you complement each other up there was perfection.” 

Judge Howie Mandel called it the “most spectacular double aerial act I have ever seen.” 

“Our names are still swinging,” he said in reference to the X’s. “That was so wonderful.” 

Judge Heidi Klum also delivered some high praise, describing the act as “mind blowing.”

“It’s so dangerous, one wrong move and you would just crash to the floor,” she told the pair. “My hands are literally still wet and it was so beautiful to watch, so, so beautiful to watch.” 

The couple easily earned the yes votes necessary to move them forward in the competition. 

Backstage they took a moment to reflect on the performance. 

“How do you feel right now about what you did?” host Terry Crews asked. 

“Right now, it’s like, i don’t even have words to experience what I’m feeling,” Jiménez said before Moreno added “It’s a dream.” 

To find out how the skilled aerialists will do in the rest of the competition, watch America’s Got Talent Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC or available streaming on Peacock the next day.