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S2 E1402/17/18

Heiwa Tofu
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Danny meets with a tofu master, creates two-ingredient dishes, shares easy ideas on how to save money and shows us how to use lemons to brighten up our home.

S2 E1302/10/18

Volunteering at the Shelter
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Danny visits a pet shelter and shares tips on how to help our furry friends; makes a healthy, sweet and savory go-to dish with orzo; and bowls us over with leaf creations.

S2 E1202/03/18

Square Roots
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Danny reveals two-ingredient dishes, upcycles old computer keyboards into modern art and learns about vertical planting in Brooklyn.

S2 E1101/27/18

Stonyfield Farms
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Danny goes to the source of organic milk for fresh yogurt, shows us how to make gooey, guilt-free desserts and inspires us to save memories in a bottle.

S2 E901/13/18

Croft Alley
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Danny shakes it up with to-go meals in a jar, reclaims old containers and turns them into new treasures, and visits with a chef whose simple dishes are making a big impact.
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