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S2 E2505/19/18

Home Hacks
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In this special edition, Danny shares simple solutions to annoying household problems, plus tips and ideas to make our lives a little bit easier and help save the planet while saving money.

S2 E2405/12/18

Green Living
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In this special edition, Danny visits inspirational eco-friendly entrepreneurs whose companies help the planet as well as the people on it.

S2 E2305/05/18

Kitchen and Beauty Genius
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In this special edition, Danny has unexpected recipe twists, simple kitchen cleaning hacks and a few homemade beauty products that not only work but are good for you, too.

S2 E2204/28/18

Magpies and Peacocks
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Danny meets designers who are passionate about upcycling textiles, gives new life to obsolete CD and cassette cases, demystifies exotic produce, and reveals how to use unusual gadgets at the gym with fitness guru Erika Quest.

S2 E2104/21/18

Green Seed Vegan
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Danny visits a 100% vegan restaurant and learns why their plant-based menu is a favorite for all eaters, makes a dessert using algae, and upcycles belts and ties into fabulous gifts.

S2 E2004/14/18

Pasta Factory
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Danny learns how to make pasta the old-fashioned way, makes a gelatin peel-off mask and crafts with lifestyle blogger Emily Schuman.
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